Bournemouth Mobile Phone Unlocking

Bournmouth Mobile Phone Unlocking shopBournmouth Mobile Phone Unlocking shopWe Fix is based at 278 Holdenhurst Road. Our Post Code is BH8 8AY


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Bournemouth iPhone Unlocking

What you need to know before you unlock your mobile phoneBefore you submit an iPhone for unlocking you should ask your network provider to unlock the phone for you. As long as you are the original owner then they should do this for you for free or charge you between £15 and £25.


If you are not the original owner then you we can unlock your iphone for you. We only provide a full Apple Server Unlock. This is the only truly permanent unlock available for the iPhone.

Lost Forgotten Password Removal

What you need to know before you unlock your mobile phoneIf you have forgotten your iPhone Password then we can reset the iphone for you.

You will however lose the contents for the iPhone.

If you have backed up the iphone then you will be able to restore the iPhone when you get home. We will factory reset your iPhone for you to an out of the box state.

We Fix charge £10.00 to remove password and reset the iPhone *please note that this does not remove iCloud Lock

iCloud Activation Lock Cannot be removed

What you need to know before you unlock your mobile phoneiCloud is a security feature that prevents a person from resetting a password locked iPhone iPad or iPod touch. Once the phone is reset you maybe asked to enter an Apple ID and Password. If you do not have access to the user ID and Password then you will not be able to activate the device

Before you purchase an Apple Device you should check to see if it is iCloud Locked. You can do this by checking the settings.

If your device is icloud Locked and you do not have access to the user ID and password then there is nothing that we can do to get around this.


If you are going to buy a second hand IOS device then check first to see if iCloud activation is in place. If it is then ask the seller to remove the iCloud activation before you part with your cash. If they cannot remove the iCloud Lock then walk away.

iPhone Network Unlocking

To unlock your iPhone you will need to know what network your iPhone is currenty locked to

We can provide unlocks for all the major UK networks.

All you need to do is click on your device below and then select the network your device is locked to

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