Bournemouth Mobile Phone Unlocking

Bournmouth Mobile Phone Unlocking shopBournmouth Mobile Phone Unlocking shopWe Fix is based at 278 Holdenhurst Road. Our Post Code is BH8 8AY


We are next door to City Electrical Factors (CEF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know before you unlock your mobile phoneQ What is Mobile Phone Unlocking?

A Mobile Phone Unlocking refers to removing the Network Lock from a mobile Phone so that the Mobile Phone will work on any network.

Q What is the difference between Unlocking and Unblocking?

A A Mobile Phone is Blocked on the networks when it is reported by the owner when either it missing, lost or stolen. A Blocked Mobile phone can only be UN-Blocked by the network. You can check if your mobile phone is blocked by using this link HERE

Q How long does it take to unlock a mobile phone?

A The time it takes to unlock a mobile phone depends on what method is available to unlock it. Some unlocking is available instantly while some mobile phone unlocking takes up to 10 days