iPhone 4 / 4S Unlocking Service

To unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you need provide us with the IMEI Mumber of the iPhoneAND the exact network that the iPhone is locked to now. Giving us the wrong information will not unlock your iPhone and will also waste your time as we will need to submit your code again with the correct information.


To check your IMEI just go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> ABOUT and then scroll down to IMEI Number

What you need to know about mobile phone unlocking

What you need to know before you unlock your mobile phoneIn the UK It is perfect legal to unlock your mobile phone.

You may lose data on the phone so please back it up

We cannot unblock mobile phones that have been blacklisted due to being reported missing, lost or stolen. We fix does not check the status of the IMEI number of the phone with the network and